Episode 44: Hills Have Eyes – Sawney Bean Clan Cannibals

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Welcome to the Wild Wasteland! Listen, in bewilderment, as Michael Johnson and Dean Maldonato get to the bottom of aliens, conspiracies, murders, crazy stories from the past, anything and everything from this wild wasteland we call Earth!

In this episode the boys take a little break and watch one of Wes Cravens earlier films, the Hills Have Eyes, for this October we look at some films, and the “true” events that inspired them. It’s spooktober (Spooky October) and we look at the Scottish Cannibal clan that at it’s height had 45 members that murdered over 1000 people in the 16th century, we’re of course talking about the Sawney Bean clan, and his 14 children! Will they uncover the truth? F if I know, listen to the damn episode and remember, stay vigilant, stay wild!

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How about you put your vpn on and listen up, cuz we’re here to tell you #thetruth!

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