Episode 28: New Age Quackery – Also Other Stuff

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Welcome to the Wild Wasteland! Listen, in bewilderment, as Michael Johnson and Dean Maldonato get to the bottom of aliens, conspiracies, murders, crazy stories from the past, anything and everything from this wild wasteland we call Earth! In this episode the boys explore a little something called New Age Medicine, can a crystal heal your broken tooth? Does incense cure cancer? How about a pyramid, what the flip does that do? The answer to all these and so much more are NO, but the buys can tell you all about it, along with a few other things you may no be expecting! Will they uncover the truth? F if I know, listen to the damn episode and remember, stay vigilant, stay wild! Feel free to like our Facebook Group @wildpodcast to get involved with us, contact us or learn what’s happening! How about you put your vpn on and listen up, cuz we’re here to tell you #thetruth!

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