Episode 0014: Under Siege – Greasy Hair & Birthday Boobs

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Wud up! It’s the Seagalcast, where we watch a Seagal film or whatever and talk about it for way too long. Join Bob Keen and Michael Johnson weekly as they try to stay sane from pushing these boulders uphill every week, while getting hammered with friends!

In this episode we make our triumphant return back into the hearts of so many awaiting fans with the peak of “quality” from a movie staring Seagal, I’d call it Die hard on a boat we’re of course talking about Under Siege! This isn’t just your typical bargain bin dvd flick, this is every 90s dad’s #1; “Hey, have you seen this one?” movie. Starting off as not just your average chief lets try and figure this movie out! Listen as we break it down and get this whole mess sorted out, featuring our good friend, the very funny Tito Jorda-Cid to help us get through it.

So how bout you put the VHS in and watch with us!

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