Episode 0013: Mercenary For Justice – Quarantine Pt. 2

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Wud up! It’s the Seagalcast, where we watch a Seagal film or whatever and talk about it for way too long. Join Bob Keen and Michael Johnson weekly as they try to stay sane from pushing these boulders uphill every week, while getting hammered with friends!

Hey if you’re locked in, might as well enjoy this Virus Free Episode

In this episode we get into Mercenary For Justice, One of Steven Seagal’s first straight to dvd outings, we talk about the movie and how being Quarantined has changed us, here’s a quick description about the movie from wikipedia! As a mercenary, John Seeger (Steven Seagal) has a reputation that precedes him. That’s why he’s being blackmailed into performing a risky job: breaking the son of a wealthy arms dealer out of a South African prison. With his friends taken hostage, Seeger agrees to do the deed — but finds out too late that he’s been double-crossed. Not one who likes being taken for a fool, Seeger hatches an elaborate plan to get even that will make the prison break look like capture the flag. There’s only one way to solve this riddle! Listen as we break it down and get this whole mess sorted out, featuring our good friend, the very funny, James Fisher Jr to help us get through it.

So how bout you put the VHS in and watch with us!

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