Episode 0002: Out For Justice – Bob Smokes Crack

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Wud up! It’s the Seagalcast, where we watch a Seagal film or whatever and talk about it for way too long. Join Bob Keen and Michael Johnson weekly as they try to stay sane from pushing these boulders uphill every week, while getting hammered with friends!

In this episode we get into “one of the good ones” Out For Justice, the “Catholic is too good for Divorce” cop film from 1991, one of what we call the “Canonical 5” of Steven Seagal films, Directed by John Flynn, Written by R. Lance Hill (as David Lee Henry), With William Forsythe, Jerry Orbach, Jo Champa and Shareen Mitchell, We also go through our little fan theories, Steven Seagal Halloween costumes, Bob smokes crack! Listen as they break it down and get this whole mess sorted out, featuring Chicago’s own Sarah Manning, Jessica Diana, and Katia Jackson to help us get through it.

Sponsored by: HaHa Hot Sauce – Dave Yates Comedy

So how bout you put the VHS in and watch with us!

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