Ep Number 27: QuarantineCast Pt. 6 – Play Quiplash with us!

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Hello, welcome to The R Word, listen in amazement as your hosts Greg Bartusiak, Johnny Cosmo, and Michael Johnson, bring you R word things they found throughout the week, blah blah blah, no one reads this crap anyways. Big ups to The Punk Group for letting us use their song, check em out!

This week, our first ep, ep number 27, We get into the real stuff of the week, Chicago monuments get face masks, then are instantly stolen, Reporter doesn’t wear pants on live TV, Dog interrupts weatherman, FDA wants hand sanitizer to be more bitter and less, Google Meet call with tons of executives has top exec’s son come in and praise Zoom, Half a million dollar bet on Paper, scissors, rock is void by judge in Canada, Virtual cheating is on the rise, Mayor finds woman “hiding” in his basement, Woman thought to be dead from the Rona is found alive a month later, Several mafia bosses released from Italian prisons, California congressman resigns after throwing cat on a zoom call, U-Haul bans NYC funeral home after an incident, Skype a scientist and Lawyer continues to visit Florida beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper to warn people to keep distance, all this and much, much more! Oh and special thanks to The Punk Group for letting us use their song! Sorry, sorry, sorry, Bye!! Listen to the damn episode, the whole episode! Sponsored by Quarantine

Listen to the damn episode!

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