Ep Number 19: Johnny’s Day Out – Googling Google

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Hello, welcome to The R Word, listen in amazement as your hosts Greg Bartusiak, Johnny Cosmo, and Michael Johnson, bring you R word things they found throughout the week, blah blah blah, no one reads this crap anyways. Big ups to The Punk Group for letting us use their song, check em out!

This week , our first ep, ep number 19, We throw an adequate amount of cheese on this episode, and talk about news n’ stuff, First off, Johnny’s currently out of town, but don’t worry he calls in for a lil bit, then we get into this stupid reality show “Love is Blind” where I’m not even sure, it’s a pretty dumb show, we then get into how Greg actively hates all women, not sure what’s going on with that, we also get into Man falls through ice listening to Google Maps, DRUNKEN DRIVER HIT PEDESTRIAN AND DROVE TO A BAR WITH BODY IN THE PASSENGER SEAT, POLICE SAY, Cats are wearing coronavirus masks in China, Soccer player banned 5 years after biting opponent’s penis, RIP Mad Mike Hughes homemade Steam Powered Rocket, all this and much, much more! Oh and special thanks to The Punk Group for letting us use their song! Sorry, sorry, sorry, Bye!! Listen to the damn episode, the whole episode! Sponsored by Something Dumb, I’m sure of it

Listen to the damn episode!

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