Ep Number 12: Pants Off for Penis Man

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Hello, welcome to The R Word, listen in amazement as your hosts Greg Bartusiak, Johnny Cosmo, and Michael Johnson, bring you R word things they found throughout the week, blah blah blah, no one reads this crap anyways. Big ups to The Punk Group for letting us use their song, check em out!

This week , our first ep, ep number 11, We throw a little cheese on this mother and talk about news an stuff, counting Dogs, Kenyan Woman Sells Cheating Husband, Legal Weed, Papa’s in the house, DUI Horse and Buggy, Teaching poopin in the park, Eating Airpods, Woman almost kills dog in elevator, Pizza snake? Psychic scammer, Not my pants notice, Woman Sued for Ruining man’s reputation! Oh and special thanks to The Punk Group for letting us use their song! Sorry, sorry, sorry, Bye!! Listen to the damn episode, the whole episode! Sponsored by The Letter R

Listen to the damn episode!

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