The Roof is on Fire: Of Mice and Goth

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We talk with Chicago’s premiere goth comic, Winslow Dumaine, a few weeks before COVID. He doesn’t have crazy roommate stories because he’s the crazy roommate!! We talk about knives (again), wet specimens, tarot cards, having an online business, and more fun weird stuff. He’s also a really talented visual artist. Go to his online store and buy something! http://www.winslowdumaine.com/
Twitter: @winslowdumaine
IG: @calculations

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Co-Hosted by the punk rock comedy podcaster Mike Johnson @therealmikesta, listen to him podcast the @officialtherword, @wildpodcast, Podcast music by the fabulous @jamieshrinerbiddle. Hosted by @hashemforcomedy. Thanks for listening! 

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