Wild Wasteland Episode 70: Millerism and The Great Disappointment – Cereal Series Part 2

Welcome to the Wild Wasteland! Listen, in bewilderment, as Michael Johnson and Dean Maldonato get to the bottom of aliens, conspiracies, murders, crazy stories from the past, anything and everything from this wild wasteland we call Earth!

In this episode we continue our deep deep dive into the messed up story behind modern cereal, and oddly enough, we find ourselves following a man called William Miller who looks to may have revived crazy Christianity in the late 1800 with his prophecy of Jesus coming back, one thing leads to another and ends with the great disappointment, and so many people are still sad about it to this day! Will they uncover the truth? F if I know, listen to the damn episode and remember, stay vigilant, stay wild!

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How about you put your vpn on and listen up, cuz we’re here to tell you

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