The Seagalcast Episode 0011: Steven Seagal Lawman – Season 1 Ep 5-6

Wud up! It’s the Seagalcast, where we watch a Seagal film or whatever and talk about it for way too long. Join Bob Keen and Michael Johnson weekly as they try to stay sane from pushing these boulders uphill every week, while getting hammered with friends!

We’re back baby, new year, new episode, same BS!!!

In this episode we get into A&Es Huge Hit Show Steven Seagal: Lawman, where our boy tells us that he’s apparently been policing around for 20 years without anyone knowing, how he’s been doing this, is this true, or any other questions will not be answered, we’re just going to poop on the Fifth and Sixth episodes of the show! Listen as they break it down and get this whole mess sorted out, featuring a new comic to the scene say hello to Queeny B*tch as they help us get through it.

So how bout you put the VHS in and watch with us!

Peanut Gallery

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