The R Word Ep Number 24: QuarantineCast Pt. 3 – Greg Loves, Mike Cringes & You Can’t Stop The J-Bone!

Hello, welcome to The R Word, listen in amazement as your hosts Greg Bartusiak, Johnny Cosmo, and Michael Johnson, bring you R word things they found throughout the week, blah blah blah, no one reads this crap anyways. Big ups to The Punk Group!

This week, our first ep, ep number 24, We get into the real stuff of the week, Trump might exonerate Joe Exotic, California Man Punches Mother For Hiding Toilet Paper Amid Lockdown, Kyle Walker in trouble after 4-hour coronavirus sex orgy, Telangana man ties masks on his goats after tiger tests coronavirus positive at New York’s Bronx Zoo, COVID-19 may spark ‘devastating’ global condom shortage, Israel Health Minister Gets Coronavirus After Rabbi Terms Virus ‘Divine Punishment’, Nollywood actress who fronted ‘Stay Home’ campaign arrested after hosting a party during lockdown, Toilet recognizes your butthole and uploads photos to the cloud, Sex Toy Sales More Than Double Due To Quarantine, Driver caught doing 130mph claimed he was trying to avoid catching coronavirus, all this and much, much more! Oh and special thanks to The Punk Group for letting us use their song! Sorry, sorry, sorry, Bye!! Listen to the damn episode, the whole episode! Sponsored by Quarantine

Listen to the damn episode!

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