The Haberdashery Historically Historically Inaccurate: The Coming Thing…We’re Still Coming

This week we sit down and break down chapters 2-4 of Brisco County Jr.! It’s hard to explain. So, the orb is captured by the OSS or whatever and put into a Lost Arc box. Of course, it’s captured. Honestly we all spaced the fuck out. Brisco finds himself in a bad guy cave that’s like the Lost Boys got a hankerin’ for Jackson’s. He chases leads to Chinatown where it turns into Highlander: Big Trouble Little China. Right???
Joining us is André’s soon-to-be ex-girlfriend who refused to be named and thus sealed her fate.


Co-Hosted by the punk rock comedy podcaster Mike Johnson @therealmikesta, listen to him podcast the @officialtherword, @wildpodcast, Podcast music by the fabulous @jamieshrinerbiddle. Hosted by @hashemforcomedy. Thanks for listening!

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