Episode 08: The Montauk Project – Philadelphia Experiment Part 1

Welcome to the Wild Wasteland! Listen, in bewilderment, as Michael Johnson and Dean Maldonato get to the bottom of aliens, conspiracies, murders, crazy stories from the past, anything and everything from this wild wasteland we call Earth!

In this episode the boys go back to the 1940s to find out the truth about what happened to the USS Eldridge at the Philadelphia stockyard! Sure, if you look into it, most officers’ logs, and interviews show they were on the other side of the Earth, but what’s the fun in that? This one’s a bit of a deep dive, so we needed to split it up into two episodes! Will they uncover the truth? F if I know, listen to the damn episode!

How about you put your vpn on and listen up, cuz we’re here to tell you #thetruth!

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