Ep Number 8: Johnny Jew Gloves – Romance of the Week

Hello, welcome to The R Word, listen in amazement as your hosts Greg Bartusiak, Johnny Cosmo, and Michael Johnson, bring you R word things they found throughout the week, blah blah blah, no one reads this crap anyways. Big ups to The Punk Group!

This week , our first ep, ep number 8, We talk about news an stuff, Banana Art: Sold, Eaten, Sandwich, Epstein! Cowboy Pigeons, Veterinarian Murder, Romance, Florida Woman Attacks Man with Xmas Tree, Xman lights in the shape of a Wiener, Queso Candles, Golden Toilet Theft, Pepsi Cafe, Operation Santa’s Naughty List, Timmy Two Gloves, Johnny Jew Gloves?! Oh and special thanks to The Punk Group for letting us use their song! Sorry, sorry, sorry, Bye!! Listen to the damn episode, the whole episode! Sponsored by Florida

Listen to the damn episode!

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