Blood on the Sand Episode 19: Griselda Blanco Part 6: Getting Off While “Getting Off”!

Episode 19: Griselda Blanco Part 6: Getting Off While “Getting Off”!

We’re here, we’ve made it, after all this crazy s#*t we’re finally finished, Griselda Blanco has come to an end, and what an end is it! Don’t want to spoil anything, but this ends with quite the bang! But before all that let’s set this thang up, so Griselda, you know the murderer, kingpin, drug lord, well she’s going to be released, everyone’s happy right? Wrong, the police, for there credit are rightfully pissed about this, so they try to pin all the other years of crimes that she did, oh were you not paying attention? Yea, she’s only in prison for the little, absolutely minor amount of crime she was doing back in NYC, you know back all those episodes ago, when she was just moving an ounce here and there, back before the 200+ murders she most likely did!

So she’s about to get out of her military prison set up and fly back to Columbia and continue running her already, never stopped running, drug empire, but there’s something she wasn’t expecting: The Law, that’s right The Law is going to catch up with her and she’s lookin at a huge amount of potential time back in prison: 30 Years, nearly the rest of her life! Which she will be serving in 3 concurrent terms of 10 years each, so 10 years, minus good behavior and all the other bs… How does she do it, will she make it to the end of the story, how are her sons doing?!?! All this and so much more here on the weeks exciting Blood on the Sand!


If you watched Cocaine Cowboys and want to learn more listen to the entire episode!

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