Blood on the Sand Episode 18: Griselda Blanco Part 5: Sexual Relations – Hot Screwdriver Lobotomy

Episode 18: Griselda Blanco Part 5: Sexual Relations – Hot Screwdriver Lobotomy

Griselda might be in prison for the next 15 years, but that isn’t about to get in the way of love! In 1991 Charles Crosby, a small time crack dealer in Oakland, sent her some fan mail. He’s reached the limits of what he could make based on his suppliers in Oakland, but he had his sights on bigger things: Driving corvettes, wearing the finest teals and purples, and Jheri curls!

These are the years that Griselda finds true love… While being locked up in a super-supermax prison located on an active military base, but somehow she still finds time to run her business, keep up with the fam, and pay $1,500 EACH TIME to make sweet love to Mr. Charles Crosby, oh I’m sorry have “Sexual Relations” as he likes to put it, in the most romantic location in the whole prison: a multipurpose room. Later, after Charles gets caught messing around, the man has needs after all, we find out what those other purposes for the room really are. After that we catch up with how the boys are doing, as you might imagine: not good, but they find a clever way to screw over the people who may have harmed them. Lastly we also find out: Who’s been in fact having sexual relations with a white woman, the answer may surprise you! All this and so much more here on the weeks exciting Blood on the Sand!


If you watched Cocaine Cowboys and want to learn more listen to the entire episode!

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