Blood on the Sand Episode 14: Griselda Blanco Part 1: Cocaine Godchild, A Charles Dickens Story

Before there was Pablo Escobar, there was Griselda Blanco. Coming from a…let’s say “circumstantial” (or circumspect) upbringing in Columbia to become one of the deadliest women in modern day history, listen as we bring you the first episode in our latest series of psychos from the tropics. today’s episode focuses on the early years, the come-up years, of Griselda; we dive way deeper than we should, and uncover one hell of a bloody episode, a period of time called La Violencia which is still not extreme enough, to Griselda’s first forays into kidnapping, murder, and a whole lotta sex and drugs….come with us as we sift through the BS and pull out some Columbian Drug Lord gold! We’re gonna get murdered!

If you watched Cocaine Cowboys and want to learn more listen to the entire episode!

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