Blood on the Sand Episode 13: Mark “Chopper” Read Part 6: Death of a Legend

Episode 13: Mark “Chopper” Read Part 6: Death of a Legend

“There is no doubt some of Read’s stories are embellished, polished or in some cases, stolen, but there is also no doubt that through the 1970s and 1980s he was one of the most dangerous men in Australia.”

So here we are, this is it! We have made it to the finale of Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, we sift through all the truth and lies and finish this story in a way we feel would’ve made Chopper proud. But outside of that we get into what Chopper was capable of doing once he honestly, truly was capable of retiring from a life of crime, Chopper for all intents and purposes has left the life behind him and focuses of his children, painting, producing several albums, a live show featuring standup, stories, writing many books, some of which twice, being featured on television and films, and just doing anything and everything he could. It’s really inspirational, in a psychotic way. This final episode really shows all the potential Chopper could’ve had given a different upbringing, and we finish with his final “death bed confession” interview where he clears the air and gets into the “truth” of a lot of his stories, given 7 days before passing away.

“Dangerous gangsters feared Read because he was a local version of an underworld terrorist. For many years, he saw himself as a street soldier who didn’t care if he lived or died.”

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