Blood on the Sand Episode 10 Mark “Chopper” Read Part 3: Australian Punisher – Outright F#*kin Murder

Before getting into the description for this episode let’s give you a little taste of the insanity of Mr. Chopper

“For a while after I set fire to his house, I would send Nick a Christmas card that read,
apologies to jerry lee Lewis
I shook your walls and I rattled your brain
My kind of love just drove you insane
I broke your will
Oh what a thrill
Goodness gracious great balls of fire”

Chopper would send this as a Christmas card to Nick “the Greek” Apostolidis every year after he set his house on fire in 1987

Let’s just get right into it, this episode is the beginning of Chopper’s fame years, now he isn’t the celebrity that he’ll eventually become, but here’s getting there. He’s 32, only been OUT of jail for 13 months of his adult life, you read that right, since the age of 18 he’s only been a free man for 13 months! But after he gets out of prison he starts to fly straight, he settles down, as much as the down under version of a Tarantino-esque character could, with the “love” of his life Margaret. So he tries this for all of two seconds, then goes right into more chaos, “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in” to quote a famous movie that Chopper himself will end up quoting many times, but the “they” Chopper would refer to is… Ugh let’s just say the world, or his own mind really! From his first court documented murder, to the burning down of a few Mob Boss’ homes to ending with some turns you have to hear to believe this episode will blow your head off, as insane as it all might sound, this was only in a period of 3 Months! Pour yourself a drink and join in on the insanity!

Listen to the entire episode to learn more!

Ok so guys, a lot has happened these last two episodes. We’ve covered 30 years, we went through his entire horrific childhood, dad with PTSD from WWII, 7th day adventist mom, 15 years of abuse by his parents, as an adult so far he’s killed a couple people, chopped off a few of his own ears, kidnapped a judge, started a tomahawk wielding trench-coat gang in prison, and now it’s 1986, he’s out of Jail. He’s 32, he’s only been out of jail for 13 months of his adult life.

We know he gets out, Margaret is there to meet him. Imagine you waited 8 years for the love of your life to come out of prison and he comes out without ears? Do you stay?

Imagine the girl waiting for the dude who cut his dick off? There was no girl waiting for him.

So I think as we’ll see, Margaret is somehow one of the few calming influences in his life. Because yeah he goes back to his shenanigans immediately, robbing drug dealers and whore houses (which took me entirely too much time to figure out that’s what massage parlours were), but nothing really extreme happens til 1987. April 1987 to be exact.

So, to preface what happens here, we have to give some background on some more of Chopper’s friends. Not the old Surrey Road Gang guys like Dave the Jew who is making a return appearance next episode, or —. These guys are a little more legitimate; Chopper’s moving up in the world.

Norm Dardovski is the head of the Albanian mafia in Melbourne which sounds both impressive and something like a AA baseball team, like a minor league team but not single A or triple A, no one’s a prospect, they just send injured players for rehab stints and guys trying to make a comeback after failing too many drug tests. But Norm owns the Builders Arms Hotel as a front and is a drug kingpin by night.

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