Blood on the Sand Episode 04: NXIVM Part 4: Now Cultivating Begins – Treat em Mean, Keep em Keen

In this episode we get into the “true” beginnings along with the tortures of NXIVM, The Seagram Heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman, continue their faith in Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman as they begin to ramp up their classic cultish policies, if you know your cults, you know that harsh rules with even harsher punishments are coming. Before that he establishes ESP (Executive Success Programs) intensives, a fun week long indoctrination into the future cult that will become NXIVM, through getting young women to join his harem and become the Sisterhood, aka the Vow aka DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium) where they’ll have to give everything. What started as a little fun pyramid scheme, to siphon money and get some easy sex, has become a part time criminal organization, with us discussing two very suspicious deaths connected with NXIVM, claimed as suicides one of the victim’s journal tells a different story, the other was groomed by Keith at a very young age, either way you cut it Keith is fully at fault for ruining her life. All this and we talk about patents for a little too long!

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