Blood on the Sand Episode 02: NXIVM Part 2: Having Fun with Pyramid Schemes

Every week Blood on the Sand brings you some of the Darkest True Crime set in some of the Most Beautiful Locations. Hosts Bob Keen, Andre Hashem, and Michael Johnson are here to serve you a Mai Tai with a side of bad guys

In this episode we catch up with Keith Raniere and oh boy has he been a busy boy. We cover the early stages of creating his harem, learning the ins and outs of pyramid schemes… oh sorry I mean “multi-level marketing company” not looking to get sued here, through creating his own “multi-level marketing company”: Consumers’ Buyline Inc (CBI) a BS microwave selling company? We aren’t sure and National Health Network, a BS vitamine peddling company. All this and his early run-ins with the cops, a weird couple hangs out with a 12 year old, a man searches for Noah’s Ark and Keith just can’t stop lying to everyone he meets. It’s a mess but we’re having an awful lot of fun!

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