Episode 35 – Slow Roasted Pork with Derek Strong

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In this episode I sit down with Knute as he turns the tables and asks me 9 great questions to ask a podcast guest.

Did he take those questions from a Google search asking what are good questions for a podcast guest?

Does he not want people to search his name and find out he’s doing podcasts so we figured out a lame work around to have him do an episode?

Listen and find out


Derek is from New York City and currently resides in Chicago.

Derek has been doing comedy for 4 years (3 if you don’t count the pandemic year, which he doesn’t.)

Derek currently co-produces The No Gimmicks Needed Comedy show with Knute and Jessica Misra and co-hosts the Chicago Fight Club open mic.

Derek normally is the only host of the Epic Cheat Day podcast.

Derek finds it weird to write this from a third person perspective.




Facebook: @derek.strongest

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