Episode 26 – Chicken Ring Cheese and Sloppy Joe Sliders with Trevor Cook

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In this episode I sit down with Trevor Cook. We talk White Castle, comedy and my open mic. He once bribed his way to a better spot on my mic with White Castle.

We discuss being an open mic comic and the struggles they have as well as his personal path to starting stand up.

Trevor is an avid gamer so we talk about gaming as well.

We’re diversifying!!


Trevor was born in Chicago and raised in Wauconda, IL. 

He is a stand up comic based out of Chicago and has been performing for the last 2 years.

He started livestreaming back in October 2020.

You can find Trevor at:

Instagram: @trevorcookie

TikTok: @trevorcookie

YouTube: Trevor Cooks Comedy and Gaming Hideout

Gamertag: trevorcookie

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