Episode 15: Griselda Blanco Part 2: La Madrina – Cocaine Godmother

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Every week Blood on the Sand brings you some of the Darkest True Crime set in some of the Most Beautiful Locations. Hosts Bob Keen, Andre Hashem, and Michael Johnson are here to serve you a Mai Tai with a side of bad guys

“New York City: If You Can Make it Here, You Can Make it Anywhere”

Like a gunshot Griselda is off and panting a hard foot in America, and like many immigrants before her she lands in the city that never sleeps, New York City! Hot off her international incident smuggling 994 Kilos, Griselda takes New York. First thing on the agenda; how to get more product in? Well, she has all these women lying around, might as well start strapping cocaine girdles on them! In an exciting story we like to call “The Sisterhood of the traveling Cocaine pants” We also find who invented the first crack pipe, and the invention of the female orgasm, all this and so much more!

If you watched Cocaine Cowboys and want to learn more listen to the entire episode!

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