Episode 11: Mark “Chopper” Read Part 4: Governor’s Pleasure – Going to Hospital

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Every week Blood on the Sand brings you some of the Darkest True Crime set in some of the Most Beautiful Locations. Hosts Bob Keen, Andre Hashem, and Michael Johnson are here to serve you a Mai Tai with a side of bad guys

“I do not believe that he has any psychiatric disorder or personality disorder. I am of the opinion that there are no intrinsic propensities for him to return (to) violent behavior if he is released from prison.”

Ooooh boy, we’re finally here, this is the big one ladies and gents, this is where chopper goes from being just another grimy street tough with a few stories, to front page world news! When he gets out of prison he’s treated like a friggin celebrity, and Like all other subsequent episodes, this one spans a fairly short amount of time, that’s right, all this craziness that is about a handful of years, if that! Chopper, again, “tries” to settle down, he actually gets married to that woman we’ve been bringing up from time to time.

“I went out of my way to meet all of them to try and settle matters down. I told them that I had retired and had come to Tasmania to live the quiet life and not to take on any hits. We had a million drinks and things seemed to settle down. At first I was treated with suspicion and distrust. But in the end, they seemed to accept me”

Alas Chopper’s heart is about to be tested when the beautiful Renee Brack enters the picture, she’s a feisty little firecracker that steals choppers shark-like gaze. You see Renee does a little story on Chopper, an Australian Hardcopy exposé on the Tasmanian terror from down under, because our little psycho’s past has come to bite him in the arse. Chopper, as we all know, doesn’t like to murder, he just likes to maim and terrorize, chop off a few toes, ears, peckers, and well shoot a few people too, one of which will send him away for quiet some time, and give him some of that Governor’s pleasure he’s been hoping for! How about you lock the doors and hide under the sheets, this one’s a treat!

“Where a judge declares that a person is a “dangerous criminal” pursuant to subsection (1), he shall order that that person be detained during the Governor’s pleasure.”

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It’s 1989, Chopper is famous, FAMOUS! Like famous famous. But he’s going to jail for 4 ½ years for attempted murder, arson, and reckless endangerment and sending morbid Christmas cards. But unlike Episode 2 where we covered his long jail stint, go back and listen it’s a doozy a guy cuts off his d*ck and people burn themselves alive on purpose in a prison escape, but unlike episode 2, there really aren’t too many anecdotes from Chopper’s second big jail stint. 

Also in 1991 he published his first book! Sort of. It’s called Chopper: From the Inside, a book compiled by a journalist from a collection of letters that Chopper wrote to him about the insanity of prison. And he’s ready for the good life now! He’s out of jail, he’s published, time to put the guns away and let the cash roll in. 

He moves to Tasmania, for two reasons, and they may be related. One, it’s because that’s where a lot of criminals go to retire. Reason number two and it may have been the cause of reason number 1, because the gun laws are less restrictive and he can have a giant arsenal without getting hassled. But he wasn’t getting hassled before unless he was shooting people in the chest or face and even then half the time he got off. 

Quick little lesson: today, gun laws are VERY restricted in Tasmania. No automatic weapons, nothing semi automatic or “self loading” or resembling anything military you essentially have to have a musket. But that’s since 1996. Before 1996, it was totally apesh*t, because Australians used the threat of aboriginals, either real or imagined, to keep really loose restrictions on quantity and what types of guns you could have. 

So, Chopper is famous and has a reputation and he just moved to this new place with a bunch of “retired” bikie gang guys, so naturally, THEY think he’s there to carry out a hit or hits. This is not good, because this means that Chopper’s life is in danger.

Renee Brack Interview

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