Episode 06: NXIVM Part 6: This Sex Cult is Going Hollywood!

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Every week Blood on the Sand brings you some of the Darkest True Crime set in some of the Most Beautiful Locations. Hosts Bob Keen, Andre Hashem, and Michael Johnson are here to serve you a Mai Tai with a side of bad guys

We’re finally here, we’ve made it to the fireworks factory! Today’s episode takes place in the sunny, sexy and all around sleazy town known by many names, but today we’re in Hollywood! You know that place where nothing awful ever happens and women are never victims, well we change that narrative by showing you most people in this cult are wolves, and don’t be fooled by their bs stories or manipulation these members are all sadistic all the time! We not only get into the Sand part of our namesake, but also keep up the Blood, if you’ve been waiting for this, boy it’s a doozy, you don’t know the half of it! This story is so insane they should make an HBO docuseries called the VOW if I’m being honest and not just trying to SEO this episode!

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