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You’re Gonna Hate This #1: I Can Do Things

Our first You’re Gonna Hate This episode! We talk about censorship on Pornhub, a charity rejecting free money for kids cuz they don’t like Tekashi 69, hipsters arming themselves, making the perfect band out of 90’s duos famous for lipsyncing, we dip a toe into the ongoing Black Lives Matter marches, the death of Chicago impov and social media interactions, a brief history lesson on racism in South America (particularly Chilean vs. Argentinian), and so much more!

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The Roof is on Fire: Weight Privilege

WARNING: some fat shaming. OK, maybe lots. We broke sh*tloads of quarantine and general social rules on this when we had Jessica Diana on to talk about her roommates that overdid everything and apparently not in a good way.
Also check out her podcast These Walls (listen to it and get creative) and @lalamuerte

Historically Historically Inaccurate: The Coming Thing…We’re Still Coming

This week we sit down and break down chapters 2-4 of Brisco County Jr.! It’s hard to explain. So, the orb is captured by the OSS or whatever and put into a Lost Arc box. Of course, it’s captured. Honestly we all spaced the fuck out. Brisco finds himself in a bad guy cave that’s like the Lost Boys got a hankerin’ for Jackson’s. He chases leads to Chinatown where it turns into Highlander: Big Trouble Little China. Right???
Joining us is André’s soon-to-be ex-girlfriend who refused to be named and thus sealed her fate.

The Roof Is on Fire: Work to Drink, Drink to Work

This week we talk to comedian & writer, Brendon Lemon, about his “awesome“ experience living with a coworker who had a “secret” drinking problem! Shockingly, things go south quick! We learn about obvious warning signs, where to pass out in the office, what to disclose to your landlord (especially if they’re also a cop)…we also talk about knives, AGAIN!

The Roof is on Fire: Of Mice and Goth

We talk with Chicago’s premiere goth comic, Winslow Dumaine, a few weeks before COVID. He doesn’t have crazy roommate stories because he’s the crazy roommate!! We talk about knives (again), wet specimens, tarot cards, having an online business, and more fun weird stuff. He’s also a really talented visual artist. Go to his online store and buy something!

Historically Historically Inaccurate: The Coming Thing

We watched the first episode of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., a weird western sci-fi steampunk crossover TV show from the late 90’s starring Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead, Julius Carry from The Last Dragon and D.A. Bill Hodgman from People vs. OJ. We cover robber barrons, a magic space orb, and “the coming thing” and the premise of the show (sort of).

The Roof is on Fire: Shaman in the Basement

For our 1st EPISODE of The Haberdashery, we talk to Eric Emerson, a stand-up comic from Cary, North Carolina! Theme for today is “The Roof Is On Fire”: stories about crazy living situations. We talk living in basements, making your place look less like a murderer lives there, things to do with your wall, fighting & making up with friends, sharing the same hellish apartment at different times, swords, etc!

Peanut Gallery

(Note: Comments may be used in future posts)

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