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Sweet Home Chicago Podcast! Hello and Welcome to: Sweet Home Chicago, where three of Chicago’s funniest comics talk about the city they love, and love to hate. Join Darius Kennedy, Liz Stockwell and Michael Johnson on their journey home, to that good ol’ Chicago.

Darius Kennedy AKA Dook Breeze:

Has been doing comedy in Chicago since he was a baby.


Liz Stockwell:

One of Chicago’s finest comedians, Liz was born and raised in Chicago, she’s a perfect fit to round out this trio.


Michael Johnson:

Young buck to the squad, not much is known about him, how mysterious.

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Episode 26: Black Lives Matter – Quarantined Pt. 2

In this episode we get into everything we’ve missed in the last few weeks since we’ve last recorded, man how the world could look different in only a few short weeks, we talk about the on going police brutality, black lives matter, family stuff, quarantine, the pandemic and local eats that are still open, and so much more!

Episode 25: Pancake Episode – Quarantined Pt. 1

In this episode we get into Tons of stuff! Here’s just a taste, we get into the quarantine, cats, trying to keep ourselves sane, how this is our roughest episode yet, and due to technicle difficulties it’s our shortest episode yet, and so much more!

Episode 24: Slick Talkin Out The Side Of Our Necks

In this episode we get into Tons of stuff! Here’s just a taste, we get into Wigs, Fart Butts, Meow Mix, Feral Kids, Less Beef, Internet TV, Chat Rooms, The Jelly Bean Killer, Trouble at Jiffy Lube, We just Keep Talkin out our Neck, Hot Dish of Hate, and so much more!

Episode 23: Toilet humor in the Condo Canyon

In this episode we get into Tons of stuff! Here’s just a taste, we get into Mel Gibson, TP Poopin, Dave Matthews band Taking A Dump On Chicago, Wooden Pipes, Hospital, UTI Story, Condo Canyon, 90s Metal / Music, Hot Dish of Hate, and so much more!

Episode 22: Cowboy Priest Teacher – RIP Mike

In this episode we get into Tons of stuff! We talk about how valuable a 9V Battery can be to some one, we talk about Friends that have passed, RIP Mike, Witches, Jumping off stuff, Dip Life, Some of Our Favorite Dips, In Laws casseroles, Square Burritos, Wendy’s Story, Old Timey CTA Stuff, Cowboy Priest Teacher, Local Chicago Radio, and so much more!

Episode 21: Scientology – Sling Blade

In this episode we get into Tons of stuff! Indoctrination, Scientology, Cool Cigarettes, other messed up religions, Aum shinrikyo, 90s Baseball, Sling Blade, Guess Who, Tomato Beds, and We also develop a 100% original sitcom that is easily worth MILLIONS!

Episode 20: Talking about Music – Short people got reasons to live!

In this episode we get into Talking about music, some of our favs, some of our not so favs, How Randy Newman is problematic, #RandyNewmanPartyOver, crazy home owners, crazy squatters, Florida, Crab, Crabs in music, Netflix, twins, local comic’s brother’s antics, don’t mess with the cats!

Happy Christmas Eve

Episode 19: Name That Injustice!

In this episode we get into Hoping you had a great week, Things, Racism, Paw Paw Michigan, Justin’s, Nickle back, Roger Kroger, Sexy Bugs Bunny, Shitty Neighbors, Going Deep, Knife fights and Gyms, Impeachment Trial, McCarthy Era, Republicans, with a special guest, kinda!

Episode 18: Thanksgiving

In this episode we get into our Thanksgiving traditions, what we ate, of course, and who we spent the day with, along with that we also get into 90s celebrities, Liz tells us who from *NSYNC she wanted to marry, Celebrity Deathmatch, and we watch a disgustingly hilarious video where an entire school gets spiked with stool loosener!

Episode 17: Dictators and Australians moving to Chicago!

In this episode we start with Field Trips, North Korea, Cuba, Canada, Cats liking Doughnuts, Ovens, Babies, Parents, Middle Names, Going Off Track, The Dude in Jane’s Addiction, The Guy Who Married Carmen Electra, Crackle, Dennis Rodman, Really Cool Skateboarders, Vegan Athletes, First Time Period, Confederate Statue in South Side Chicago Cemetery, Justin Trudeau, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Un, Austrailions moving to Chicago, Ending with Field Trips!

Episode 16: C2E2 – Online Racism

In this episode we get into Red Dead Redemption 2, Mannequin, C2E2, Wish Teeth, Eating, Thanksgiving, Oldie Racism, Fuck Certain Bars, Wolves are old, Walking you Cat, Stance against Activism!

Episode #15: Chicago Haunts & Murders

In this episode we get into Chicago Murderer Richard Speck, Babushka ladies, Chicago Haunts, The first televised exorcism, Horses and Cows and getting Kicked by a horse, don’t do it!

Episode #14: Kevin Durant – Foot Fetish

In this episode we get into Family, cheeseburgers, Kevin Durant, Foot fetish, faces we hate, legionnaires disease, cool stuff, Christopher Walken, too much chlorine in the pool, Jim Jones and monkeys!

Episode #13: Weird Roofie stories – Cap’n Creep

In this episode we get into Lots of wiggling, Roofies, Toto, Michael Jackson, Robin William, Dog ownership, Home Alone, Alyster Crowley, Open Mics, Evil Corporations, F Sterling Bay, Alley Peeing, Garbage Truck Napping, Captain Creep, Hippy Basement, Accidentally Joining a Cult, Jesus People USA, Disney’s Racist Past, Hots for Robert Redford and Lady Boners!

Episode #12: Beyoncé – Wash yo Ds

In this episode we get back into Crazy Beyoncé fans aggressively attacking Darius because of a tweek, high school misconceptions, STDs, and crazy internet videos!

Episode #11: Running Away – Cooking Shows

In this episode we get back into the swing of things, we talk about how well our first time trying to run away, needless to say, it didn’t go well, we also talk about our favorite cooking shows, because we have to, come on now, it’s Chicago, and Liz tells us how she became a woman from watching a little old lady in Canada talking about anal beads, boy this episode is packed!

Episode #10: We’re back baby! – Local Pedos

In this episode we get back into the swing of things, we come out of our hideous with a brand new co-host, welcome Liz Stockwell with open arms, ya dork! Today we talk about, local pedos, dogs, 3 stooges, local comedy shows, like Sh*thole, CYSK, Stand up-Stand Up and Lincoln Lodge, we also get into local dollar stores, divorce, Alley Peeing and Moldy beer!

Episode #09 Near Riots – Urban Legends

In this episode the Johnny and Michael talk about the climate in the city during the Jason Van Dyke verdict, where the city nearly torn itself apart, which thankfully it didn’t/ Then they discuss the Brett Kavanaugh dicission, and finally end with them talking about some Chicago Urban Legends. Enjoy this spooktastic episode, and come back next week for more!

Episode #08 pt. 2: Check us out LIVE!

Check us out live at the De Maat room, this Saturday, 09/29 at Second City. Link below!

Episode #08 pt. 1: Check us out LIVE!

Check us out live at the De Maat room, this Saturday, 09/29 at Second City. Link below!

Episode #07: Cheers and Racism!

In this episode the guys talk about how Darius and his adventures down in Las Vegas, they also do some vacation talks, white feminism, racism, burning Nikes, how Nike owns Converse, Sports arguments! Oh and Darick guest joins.

Episode #06: Wait, what are Franchs – Current Bulls Lineup

In this episode the guys talk about how racist Red Lobster policies, what Franchs are, callin corporate and their shitty policies, a new service that Uber should totally do, Suicidal tendencies, Wisconsin and their OWI Issues, Deaths on Youtube, Things Black People DON’T Do, Forklifting, Camping, Friday the Thirteenth, Jason Lives! Lark Voorhies, Our Remake of Jason, Andrei Kirilenko, AK47, LeBron, Sports Talk, how the current Bulls lineup stacks up and Our favorite Comics.

Episode #05: Air and Water show – Our Favorite Bars

In this episode the guys talk about the air and water show AKA America jerking off, BF2, Brown suga, 2Dogs1Darius, Buying shots, local rapper Sharkula, Taco Bell, Scared Chicken Defense, White Couples from Ohio, Private Neighborhoods, Kenosha, and Our Favorite Bars in Chicago!

Episode #04: Don’t Join Cults! -Rat Kings

In this episode Johnny takes a day off and Darius & Michael talk about all the strange eclectic things that get them going including but not limited to:
Rat Kings
Don’t join cults!
Especially Jim Jones’
What they’d buy with $180B
Jeff Bezos
The Unabomber
Master P
Dennis Rodman
Bean the Dog
Bursting Bodies
Jacco Macacco
Booze and Kobe Stake

Episode #03: The Taste of Chicago – Punching Rahm Emanuel

In this episode the guys talk about their favorite festivals in Chicago, and the Taste of Chicago, while shitting on other city’s sad attempts to copy THE LARGEST FOOD FESTIVE IN THE WORLD! New York eat your heart out. We also mention Kung Fu lessons, little league baseball, Johnny talks about the two times he almost punched his Honor Mr. Rahm Emanuel, the guys also discuss Mild sauce and The bean (Cloud Gate)!

Episode #02: Great Pizza Debate – Chicago Night Crawler

Episode two baby! The Great Pizza debate begins! This week we discuss the Chicago night crawler, Peter Nickeas #freeshoutout, we talk about finally getting a sponsorship deal with our good friends over at Lincoln Square, where you can get all the finest wings Monday special, just mention us before check out, we also begin the pizza debate, where do you lie? We also mention our favorite Chicago comics, while getting slightly drunk.

Episode #01: Chicago Eats – Chinese Murder Vans

For there inaugural episode the guys talk about their favorite foods in the city, yet somehow ignore pizza, and hot dogs; strange, while bringing up random thoughts culminating in some odd conversations, the oddest, you may ask, definitely Chinese murder Vans!

Peanut Gallery

(Note: Comments may be used in future posts)

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