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Episode 02: NXIVM Part 2: Having Fun with Pyramid Schemes

In this episode we catch up with Keith Raniere and oh boy has he been a busy boy. We cover the early stages of creating his harem, learning the ins and outs of pyramid schemes… oh sorry I mean “multi-level marketing company” not looking to get sued here, through creating his own “multi-level marketing company”: Consumers’ Buyline Inc (CBI) a BS microwave selling company? We aren’t sure and National Health Network, a BS vitamin peddling company. All this and his early run-ins with the cops, a weird couple hangs out with a 12 year old, a man searches for Noah’s Ark and Keith just can’t stop lying to everyone he meets. It’s a mess but we’re having an awful lot of fun!

Episode 01: NXIVM Part 1: How I Learned to Start Cults and Make Love to Mom

In our first episode of Blood on the Sand we go on a deep dive into the little liar that could, Keith Raniere, the future head of the Nxivm sex cult. We cover the first 18 years of this nerdy Pinocchio’s life: from what may have caused him to go full L Ron Hubbard to some really weird warning signs and early test subjects.

Peanut Gallery

(Note: Comments may be used in future posts)

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