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  • Wild Wasteland Episode 61: A little less focused 4 – Coronavirus & Punany
  • Sweet Home Chicago Episode 23: Toilet humor in the Condo Canyon
  • The R Word Ep Number 16: This Podcast Was Blessed By The Russian Orthodox - Too Many Stories
  • Wild Wasteland Episode 60: Final Record - Edward Snowden Part 4
  • Epic Cheat Day W/ Derek Strong Episode 4: Fear and Self Loathing in Chicago AKA The Ill-Fitting Shoe
  • The R Word Ep Number 15: Small Wieners Have More Fun - Epic Cheat Day Crossover
  • Wild Wasteland Episode 59: Workin for the Man - Edward Snowden Part 3
  • Sweet Home Chicago Episode 22: Cowboy Priest Teacher - RIP Mike
  • Epic Cheat Day W/ Derek Strong Episode 3: The Anaconda Vice


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